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Pamela Hughes

Choosing the right payroll deduction products for your unique circumstances can be daunting. "What's out there? Are there different options? Which products will fit my budget?" Pamela Hughes brings over four decades of experience helping individuals find the best health-related products they need at competitive pricing. 

When you work with Pamela, your first visit will be an in-depth needs assessment, where she will take the time to learn and understand you and your family's needs and budget. Next, she will research the available products, finding the different programs that fit your needs, and present the options to you. Throughout the entire process and beyond, Pamela is your personal contact, available to answer any questions you might have, solve any problems that pop up, and make any changes you need as your life situation evolves.

For Pamela, it's more than just finding the right products, it's about building long term relations, where every one of her clients is treated like a person, and not a number.

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Davis Sample Hughes Professional Services is proud to offer you personalized service and expert guidance for your personal and business investment and financial needs.